Exhibition Advantage

Exhibition Environment

  Shenzhen—an international city near Hong Kong, which is the most fast city on economic growth in China, is your best choice to develop the market.

  Shenzhen is a beautiful ecological garden beach city with pleasant weather of four seasons. It has beautiful surroundings and rich tourist resources. It is suitable for managing the exhibition for the whole year. Shenzhen is developed in modern service industry with high internationalization degree.   People can fully enjoy the delicious food, shopping and traveling pleasure.

  The convention and exhibition in Shenzhen is developing very rapidly, and now it is developing towards well-known brand. Every year, there are a list of famous exhibitions such as  “China Hi-tech Fair”, “Security China”, “SIMM” ,“CIOE”, “SZIC” ,“CWJGF” and “ICIF”. The amount of the exhibition is growing rapidly in these years.

Preferential policy

  Strong policy and measure support.

  The most excellent exhibition developing environment in China

  Shenzhen government pays important attention to the development of exhibition industry. It has set up exhibition industry promotion office and established important convention coordinated joint conference system. It has formulated perfect financial support policy, formed perfect convention and exhibition industry management system and built standard convention and exhibition industry market order. It attracts many international exhibitions with famous brand and exhibition enterprises to set up exhibition institutions and develop exhibition business. Now it has formed a developed and well-rounded exhibition industrial chain which oriented with exhibition hall, special exhibition institution, exhibition work design and construct enterprise and compound with logistics, hotel, catering, Etiquette of Public Relations, news media, advertising, business service.

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