Exhibit Engineering

Special decoration work service

The project team of the Shenzhen Conference & Exhibition Center Management Ltd is a specialist institution that incorporates exhibition, exhibition design, construction and post-services, and the first specialist institution of domestic exhibition project industry that is cleared through ISO900 quality guarantee system.

The project team, on the basis of its in-depth understanding of the display form and connotation of modern exhibition, of the unique perception and understanding of its excellent specialist designers of the exhibition design culture and art, and of the rich experience of its high-quality construction team, has successful in undertaking the designing and arrangement of many large scale international specialist exhibitions, including the China Hi-Tech Fair, Beijing Science and Technology Week, COMDEX, CEBIT, and etc, and its business covers China and European and American countries and regions, wining high recognition from its customers.

Introduction to the exhibition booth design

1.Detailed inquiry of the customers’ needs, including the location of the booth, booth floorage, and the exhibition space, and other requirements.

2.Provision for the customers design effect drawing of the exhibition board that is ingeniously designed and practical.

3.Cooperation with the customers for the perfection of the design plan.

4.Signing project cooperation contracts.

5.Carrying out the construction.

6.Delivery of the project for use after getting through the acceptance examination.

Contacts of Shenzhen Conference and Exhibition Center Management Company Ltd


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