General Installation Service

The project team of the Shenzhen Conference & Exhibition Center Management Ltd is a specialist institution that incorporates exhibition, exhibition design, construction and post-services, and the first specialist institution of domestic exhibition project industry that is cleared through ISO900 quality guarantee system.

The project team, on the basis of its in-depth understanding of the display form and connotation of modern exhibition, of the unique perception and understanding of its excellent specialist designers of the exhibition design culture and art, and of the rich experience of its high-quality construction team, has successful in undertaking the designing and arrangement of many large scale international specialist exhibitions, including the China Hi-Tech Fair, Beijing Science and Technology Week, COMDEX, CEBIT, and etc, and its business covers China and European and American countries and regions, wining high recognition from its customers.

The project team, equipped with 2,300 sets of standard exhibition tools and with years of excellence of service behind, undertook 22 big-scale exhibitions of more than 10,000 square meters in 2007. For years it has been committing itself to providing service to sessions of the China Hi-Tech Fair, China International Cultural Industries Fair, China International Toys& Gifts Fair, China International Medical Equipment Fair, earning loud recognition from the various sponsors.

The excellence of service lies first in applicability and practicality. The project team provides different services to the sponsors according to their actual conditions. Its services provided to the sponsors, such as the whole exhibition design, collection of lintel plates, and diversified lease reservation, all these are an epitome of individualized service, placing the team in a more advantageous competitive position and wining favor with the sponsors at the same time. 

The project commands a specialized on-site service staff, and its lease system gives wings to such on-site service. Software operation is applied to the whole process from the exhibitor placing an order to dispatching the order and to the construction of the project, such greatly reducing the time of dispatching the order and improving the work efficiency, and making the project team a leader in China.

The home-field building contractor is firmly based on a well-trained construction force. In April 2008 at the China International Medical Equipment Fair, 1,600 standard booths were dismantled overnight, and another 2,300 standard booths had been installed early the next morning, and all the work was done in less than 24 hours. It was a miracle created such a specialized force.

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