Kind Reminder

Dear customers:

Welcome to Shenzhen Conference & Exhibition Center. We will be fully committed to providing swifter, better and more specialized service, making it more convenient and quicker for you to hold an exhibition. It is advised that you should read carefully the instructions and introductions concerning the relevant services of the exhibition hall provided by the Conference & Exhibition Center.

To ensure the fulfillment of our promised service, our customer service managers will, in accordance with your requirements, coordinate the internal departments and cooperators of exhibition services, in an effort to provide you one-stop service efficiently and quickly. The specific services include: service in exhibition plan-making, contracted construction, carriage, advertising business, conference, food & beverage and logistics, security, cleanness and etc. In case of any problem, please contact our customer managers for solution. In case of any suggestion or comment on our service, it is appreciated on our part for you to dial our service supervision hotline: _________

We cannot do without your support and encouragement, let alone spur and criticism from you. Wish you success in the exhibition. 

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