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107th Canton Fair Promotes Itself in Hong Kong

Release date:2010-03-02 From:

  Wang Zhiping, the director of China Foreign Trade Center, noted in Hong Kong on March 2 that the 107th China Import and Export Fair (also the Canton Fair) had received applications from over 110,000 companies, far more than the 55,000 booths the Fair had originally attended to offer.

  Wang said when he was promoting the Fair that as the largest exhibition in China it had always been given a lot of attention by domestic and foreign companies. This year, producers are very keen about registration, and more purchasers are also expected compared with last year.

  ‘Hong Kong has leading conditions in technological creation, culture and originality, and environmental protection’, said Wang, ‘Canton Fair welcomes Hong Kong companies, especially small and medium companies’.

  The 107th Canton Fair is to open from April 15 till May 5 in three sections. Created in 1957, the Fair has existed for 106 sessions with one in spring and one in autumn each year. It is reputed as the No.1 Exhibition in China for its history and size. 

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