Exhibition in Shenzhen

Interhometex Shenzhen Hometex 2010(March) leads a fashionable consumption of home textiles

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  Interhometex Shenzhen Hometex 2010(March) was unveiled in SZCEC on March 7, 2010. Its main exhibition area avails itself of more than 450 booths and 60,000m2 exhibition areas, unprecedented in the history. The exhibits cover home textile (auxiliary materials), curtain fabrics, wallpaper and textile machinery etc. This round of fair attracted 13 domestic exhibitors and 7 foreign ones from such countries and regions as Italy, South Korea and Japan etc.

  The fair has been developed from the ancillary window decorations to all home textiles (including curtain, sofa, bedclothes, table cloth and carpets) into the ancillary soft home decoration (the integrated ancillary design of whole textile products, wall paper, decorations, lamps and furniture). It has not only led the fashionable consumption of national home textile and fabrics but also driven the industrial upgrade of national hole textile and fabrics industry.

  This fair has attracted all famous fabric production and development enterprises in China, including those export-oriented famous brand manufacturers in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, and congregated the high-tech fiber materials, advanced technologies, fashionable design, complete varieties, exquisite production, perfect ancillaries, modern marketing mode and considerate services in the home textile and fabrics industry in China that has reached the advanced level in the world. The whole fair looks like an inspection of achievements in the home textile and fabric industry in China in the past 30 years ever since the reform and opening-up and a grand view garden for international textiles and fabrics. 

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