Exhibition in Shenzhen

The World First Exhibition of Internet of Things to Open in Shenzhen

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  Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center is to receive the world first exhibition for Internet of things, the 2010 Shenzhen International Internet of Things Technologies and Application Exhibition, between July 1 and 3. Domestic and overseas companies in this sector will display their products and discuss the development of the industry.

  The Exhibition is an international gathering of the industry of Internet of Things, RFID technology, solutions for production of electronic labels, latest development of readers/writers, accurate control of middle ware, latest non-contact payment technology, short-range communications, sensor network technology, and solutions and applications that the Internet of Things can offer to automation, logistics, anti-fake, personnel, vehicles, military, asset management, clothing, books, and smart home systems. With the theme of 'Things Connect and Sense the World', the expo is to work with expert institutes to build a brand of high quality and standard to inject drives and competitiveness to the industry both in China and around the world.

  Policy support  

  Arguments about the Internet of Things have never stopped since it became hot. Is it simply a bubble or a new drive for the economic growth? Many investors and companies are hesitating to take further steps while facing the huge potential market and the unpredictable risks. Yet, the policies that are appearing clear and favorable are helping them to make decisions. 

  Opportunities coming from communications

  As an emerging industry, the Internet of Things is showing much energy and vigor with great business potentials. Yet, to make a wealth in the industry, one must first understand it first. Unfortunately, not many know much about it because it is so new. Communication and cooperation is the only way to get inspired and find opportunities while closing of the mind will lead us to nowhere. Through communication important information can be shared, and problems will be viewed, considered and solved from different angles to make decisions more efficiently. To succeed, one must know one's competitors.

  A gate to wealth 

  The Exhibition will cover a total area of 7,500 square meters, displaying chips for RFID e-labels, wireless sensor networks, short-range wireless communications, material for label manufacturing, label antennas, sealing equipment for electronic labels, various readers/writers for different frequencies, middle ware, wireless communication technology, applications and integration services, and some successful cases in the industry. It is now the only international show in China targeted at RFID, sensor networks, intelligent identification, intelligent communication and applications in the Internet of Things, with a consideration of the industrial demand and development in the future.

  It is also designed to fully illustrate technologies of RFID, intelligent identification, and wireless sensors, apart from applications, business, and industrial features and current demand. A lot of work has been done on selection of exhibitors, visitors, advertising, media and exhibition partners. Such an expert platform will open a gate for exhibitors and visitors to the wealth of the Internet of Things. 

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