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Shenzhen Involved in Sugar & Spirit Exhibitions for the First Time

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  Shenzhen exhibitions are getting more various as an increasing number of shows choosing to land in the city. Last Saturday, Shenzhen Exhibition of Sugar, Wine, Spirit & Tea for the Spring Festival was open at the Convention & Exhibition Center, which will last for nine days. This means the city is making its first attempt to accommodate shows of this kind, and thus increases exhibition categories that are available in Shenzhen to nearly 30, taking another stride further to an international exhibition city.

   Sugar & spirit exhibitions rare in Shenzhen

  Normally there are 70 exhibition categories in the industry. As a city with quite developed exhibition business, Hong Kong is now involved in only 50 categories, but many more compared with Shenzhen. A manager from Huajuchen Exhibition Company claimed that to compete with Hong Kong, Shenzhen must attempt to accommodate shows of a larger variety.

  Shenzhen develops its exhibition industry with a background of powerful manufacturing, so brand shows are mainly about high technology, culture, clothing, electronics, machinery, furniture, gifts, jewelries, wallets & clocks. Although there are 80 exhibitions each year, they huddle together in no more than 30 categories. Shenzhen almost has no experience in holding exhibitions for sugar & wine, beauty, cosmetics, tourist & recreation, and sports.

  Mr. Chan Kam But, the Chairman of Coastal International Exhibition Co., Ltd. based in Hong Kong, said a developed exhibition city shall host exhibitions of 50 different categories at least. Currently, the categories that Shenzhen doesn't have are all the industries the city is not quite good at. According to the rule of 'mutual promotion of industries and exhibitions', shows of new categories shall be introduced into Shenzhen and carefully cultivated while development of the beauty industry, cosmetics, tourism & recreation, sugar & wine sectors are being given much attention. In addition, strategic exhibitions such as those for nuclear power and subway need to be explored vigorously.

  New shows being welcomed

  Yesterday at Hall 6, where Shenzhen Exhibition of Sugar, Wine, Spirit & Tea for the Spring Festival was being held, the reporter saw luxurious imported wines and spirits being shown with their famous Chinese counterparts and precious health care products, including household brands like Martell, Remy Martin, Hennessy, Napoleon, and Moutai.

  Many are being sold at half price, and citizens can be given an extra 0.5% discount if purchasing with a bank card of Bank of China. The organizer says this is the first time that Shenzhen holds such a exhibition for sugar and spirit, which is very important to diverse exhibition categories and promote the industry to develop in a wider range. The organizer hopes this first attempt will encourage more exhibitions of this kind to land in Shenzhen.

  Citizens also confirmed the exhibition. One customer said he had been used to buying sugar, wine and tea in supermarkets or from an exclusive store. This was the first time he visited such an exhibition in Shenzhen. He expected various exhibitions could be located in Shenzhen to offer customers more products and options.

  Government supports

  It is noted in the Opinion about Refining Exhibition Environment and Promoting Exhibition Development in Shenzhen passed recently at the municipal congress committee meeting that exhibitions about fashion and consumer products not available in the city will be given special attention and support this year, apart from strategic exhibitions of new energy, energy saving and environmental protection.

  An official from Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center said the good exhibiting environment in Shenzhen is attiring more domestic and foreign institutes to produce new shows or move existing exhibitions to the city. Currently, foreign exhibitions account for about 40% of all exhibitions accommodated in Shenzhen every year. In response to the official strategy for exhibition development, in 2010, the Center is also to introduce and cultivate exhibitions of fashion, consumer products and emerging industries as its major task. Discounted booth rents will be offered too.

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