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Duplicates of Ancient Paintings & Calligraphies Unveiled

Release date:2010-03-25 From:

  The Show of Duplicates of Ancient Paintings & Calligraphiesopens today (March 25) at Guangdong Wenlian Art Gallery. Despite a collection of duplicates, the exhibition covers more than 300 well-known works of figures, landscapes, flowers & birds, and calligraphy produced in the past 1,000 years from Sui, Tang, Song, Yuan and Ming to the Qing Dynasty. Besides, some national treasures like Court Ladies Adorning Their Hair with Flowers by Zhou Fang (Tang Dynasty) now kept in Liaoning Museum, A Western Monk in Red (红衣西域僧图) by Zhao Mengfu (Yuan Dynasty), and Along the River During Qingming Festival by Chou Ying (Ming Dynasty) will also be seen in the exhibition. 

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