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Baselworld 2010 calls an assembly of world-famous watches in China

Release date:2010-03-10 From:本站

  Shortly after the Spring Festival, the watch lovers will greet Baselworld 2010 in March. This clock, watch and jewelry fair, also called “Oscar in luxuries”, will be inaugurated on March 18. After the decline resulted from the economic crisis, Baselworld is showing its resuscitation due to more and more attention from the fashion people in China. Many persons in charge of China region from 10 world-famous watch manufacturers agree that Baselworld has provided the best chance for the famous clock and watch brands to enter or affect the Chinese market.

   Chinization trend in Baselworld

  “After the depression, not all the Swiss clock and watch enterprises have got through the difficulties; however, Baselworld has shown its obvious resuscitation”, a person in charge of Tissot watch told to the correspondent.

  Affected by the global economic crisis, Baselworld in the previous year suffered from a great decline in the number of exhibitors and scale than those in the years before and was evaluated as “the same exquisiteness but a declined popularity”. This year, the organizing committee for the watch fair invited, four months in advance, the global clock, watch and jewelry exhibitors to congregate in Basel in various languages such as English, French, Chinese, Japanese and Italian etc. on official websites to greet the global clock and watch conference. It is predicated that more than 100,000 visitors from 100 countries will come to Basel to familiarize themselves with the most up-to-date fashion trend in the industries for the best clocks, watches and jewelry in the world as well as their design concept. The correspondent has acknowledged that many domestic clock and watch suppliers will take part in Baselworld this year and some of the exhibition companies have made advanced preparations so as to provide services for those exhibitor’s departure for Switzerland.

  The top-grade clock and watch industry has clung to the Chinese Market

  If you say that the top-grade clock and watch industry represented by Baselworld only made a trial on the Chinese market two or three years ago, it has fully clung to the Chinese market now.

  In the past year of 2009, the luxurious industry was greatly tempered in the post-crisis period and some famous fashion brands, including Yohji Yamamoto, declared their bankruptcy. People hope to find a new weathercock. In fact, the weathercock is quite clear now, i.e., reestablishment of the role of Chinese market.

  For Baselworld this year, the official websites in Chinese have been opened, interpreters and working staff have been allocated to each brand to answer the questions from the Chinese media and press release conferences have been arranged for the Chinese media by the international brands.

  Ms Jian Yawen, executive president of Cartier in China, said during an interview that China has become the most important market for global development of Cartier. It is worth attention from many luxury enterprises that 40% of purchasers of Cartier products in Galeries Lafayette in Paris come from China while new high sale records are being created successively in franchises in China. 

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